Should we write some songs?

Sometimes I think that Our Dad is just another function band, and other times I think it is more “special” than that. The family thing is special; having 4 kids and at least 3 of them play in your band, that’s something special. The talent (that is to say my latent talent and the others’ fully formed talent) is also something a bit special..

And so you start to think, “Could we get more out of this?” By that I don’t mean, “Could we earn more?”, rather I just wonder if we could produce some “special” music. It’s unlikely that we would produce something that is noticeable and influential while playing covers. At least not in recorded output, though the live experience can be pretty memorable, and probably is.

But to make an indelible mark, it has to be original material. How can I get there, with a band that does not even have rehearsals!? Matt William and I have all written original material, and we should in future try to get more of that into the live set, and onto CD!

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