Talking To People While They Are Singing

It’s a really strange thing, how during a gig people will walk up to you to chat, perhaps ask for a favourite song, and think that you can reply, or even concentrate on what they’re asking, and at the same time play am instrument, or even sing! One guy we know will continue to sing hie song, or at least the tune, but changes the words to explain that he’s rather busy at the moment – all to the tune of “Hey Jude” or whatever he’s doing at the time. My favourite though is the guy who interrputs thet singer to ask, “Could you play a request?”. The singer asks back (off mic’, and in between phrases) “What would you like, mate?”. Seemingly surprised, and then with the triumphant smile of his own dawning ingenuity, he replies, “Err, anything really!”.

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