Is It Healthy?

Is it healthy to want to be on stage? I have often wondered. I was shy as a child, and the fundamental approach to relating to others does not change much as you grow older. Being on stage was initially frightening, and it was an achievement to perform satisfactorily. Later on you get used to it, and then you wonder why you like doing it and others don’t seem bothered. I wonder if people get on stage because they have developed their talent, or perhaps they have developed their talent because they wanted to get on stage?

Whatever the route, whatever the cause, there you are in front of everyone, and now you are the centre of attention. Well, perhaps you are completely ignored, because you have not yet completly finished developing your talent yet,… But let’s assume it’s all going well. Nice style, maybe funny, maybe scary, maybe macho, but whatever it is that works, it’s working and everyone is watching.

For me the question is, “Then what?” What’s the message? What’s the point? If it’s just about being there, then it’s just about ego. But if it becomes a vehicle through which you deliver a message, then maybe there’s a purpose other than to be admired. And if the purpose is to uplift of convey some value to your audience, then we have the possibility of something more generous going on.

I think that you can start out by going through with it just to overcome the challenge and natural inherent shyness of youth. But once we are corrupted by and addicted to the attention, there is a chance to become bored by it, and begin a more mature approach that is more audience-centred and less self centered.

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