Happy Christmas

Greetings! Here is the Weeks Family Christmas Card Message. So if you got a card, sorry it’s the same message; otherwise, sorry you didn’t get a card! We enjoyed 2007, an active year with friends and the now even wider family, with Will’s marriage to Naomi from the Tanner Family in September. Our Christmas Card picture is from Sarakiniko on the Greek island of Milos. Despite saving up for a wedding, we splashed out on a very relaxing trip to a couple of the Greek islands! Sarakiniko is a deserted part of the island and the night time scene in the picture conjures up for us the atmosphere of the Nativity night! Though, in this actual picture, the simple room is not for Mary and Joseph but for Mary and Steve! Dan and Eveliina, Jack and Febe (now 6 and 5) still live in Helsinki and keep extremely busy. Dan visited the UK over this year for working trips with Matt producing Vineyard and Children’s albums. Matt and Jo are still with us in the “penthouse” @ 2 Sherborne Gardens, W13 8AS. Will & Naomi returned from Tobago for a few weeks with us and then moved into a lovely big flat in Guildford and are settling into married life. Jo loves Oxford Brookes Uni’ and is working hard! She drops in now and then to join in family activities with a simple journey on the Oxford Tube (a bus). She’s in her second year with one more year to go. I (Steve) have immensely enjoyed extending my collegiate in Europe and India and continuing to front the legendary (!) worshipful dance band “Our Dad” bringing joy and tinnitus to the world. I (Mary) continue to tolerate the obsessive intensity of my beloved idgit husband, even after nearly 33 years of marriage! I also enjoy working at Holy Trinity Brompton in South Kensington, organising all the Family Life Courses. It’s great working in that part of London! Steve and I are also facilitators to engaged couples on the Marriage Preparation Course. We both really enjoy doing this together!

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