A funny thing happened to me on my way to the theatre,..

It’s a funny thing,.. when I was young I was rarely lucky enough to ever lead or play in a good band with great musicians, but did often struggle with beginners. Not aware of my own limitations, it was obvious to me that everyone else ought to be playing better! And to some extent, I was indeed the one who would show some of the others what to play and how to play it; sometimes even writing out parts for players who could barely read music.

So I would often wish (to myself!) how I’d like to be “The Worst Musician in the Band”. Not that I wanted to be even worse myself, rather that I thought – wouldn’t it be great to be carried along by people who make me sound better than I am,.. for a change. Well finally I seem to have arrived in exactly that position. Through whatever process I don’t understand, I am the lonely amateur in a bunch of professionals.. and it is often that it feels exactly that way. Keeping in time, playing creative solos, recreating the right sound, working in a special “vibe”,.. all these things seem harder to do at all, when all around you are doing it all so well!

But hey, ..I’m not saying that I prefer the old days! If wishes and dreams can come true, then even if seasoned with a little dose of humility, then I am not to complain.

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