Abbey Road

It’s an exciting week in the Family Weeks household. We have Daniel and Miikka from Helsinki and also Fred and Victor from Stockholm. Matt and Dan are recording Fred’s album in Olympic Studios. The heritage is thrilling; Hendrix, The Stones, and Led Zepellin went to Barnes to record in Studio 1. Dan is taking some great pictures as usual, and the guys all come back here at the end of the day to eat, tell us how the drum sound is exactly like “Houses of the Holy” and sleep. But one thing is going to make this an unforgettable week for everyone. Dan and Fred have not told Miikka and Victor that Olympic double-booked the final Sunday session and have arranged for the boys to use Abbey Road Studio 2 instead. I’ve been invited, and I might just accept, if only to see the surprised looks of joyful wonderment in Victor and Mikka’s faces.

Here they all are at work with Fred Appelquist and friends in Studio Two.

2008.03.02 Abbey Road

It turned out even more exciting for Steve. Only Studio 2 was actually in use, so Fred pulled him into Studio 1 to record a little guitar music. That’s a day to remember.

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