Da & Yia-Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday 08/06/11

Dear Jack and Febe, Yia Yia and Da’s Great Adventure Holiday continued today, the second day. We awoke in Cannes – home of the second most famous event in the world. (the Olympic games is #1). Because of the strike we could not buy a train ticket to go to Levanto Italy tomorrow. We might be stuck! What can we do? Maybe hire a car and drive ti Italy? Or take a bus? We do not know! What an Adventure!

Today we went to St.Paul – an ancient fortified town on a hill. There are pictures in the net. There was a BIG thunderstorm so we hid in a café and ate crepes! Yia Yia had a Classique Crepe and Da had a Complet Crepe! What a Great Adventure!

Love and kisses to you, and say HI! To mummy and daddy x x

One thought on “Da & Yia-Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday 08/06/11

  1. Hello from us. You should take a bus to italy because its fun or a car? But which one would you like to take? Hope you get there when you need to get there. And have a lovely holiday. Love from jack and Febe. Now its bed time and we are going to sleep. Lots of lovely kisses x x x x x x x x x x x x

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