Da & Yia-Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday 08/06/15

Dear Jack and Febe, Da and Yia Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday continues. Last night we arrived in Rome, Italy. We walked for miles and of course we ate pizza and pasta. That is the food in Italy!

This morning we woke early and walked by the TRAM route to the HUGE station called “Roma Termini” where we caught the Leonardo Express TRAIN to the Airport.
All the train toilets were shut, so Da had to wait until we got off! Da says, “Always go before you leave home!”

We got on an and we flew for TWO hours from the land of ancient Rome to the land of ancient Greece! We had salty biscuits to eat on the plane. That was funny!
After the plane landed, we had to somehow get to the place where we get on a boat, as you can imagine – this is a BIG Adventure.

Then we saw a METRO TRAIN that took us to Athens at high speed. With air conditioning to keep us cool because it is Very Hot in Greece. TBC…

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