Da & Yia-Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday 08/06/18

Dear Jack and Febe, Da and Yia Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday has brought us to the Island of Naxos.

Imagine this in your head….

Our hotel is “outdoors” so each room is in fact a separate building, and they are all sitting in a great big garden. The swimming pool is the shape of a dolphin and it has a hammock. There are many wonderful palm trees and cactii and flowering bushes, all taller than Da. There is a barbeque and a sun shelter for having breakfast. Little paths lead from one part to the next. There are many cats. At the end of the garden is a beach where you can take out a little canoe.

Perhaps YOU could DRAW that?

Under our table at breakfast we found a cat and sleeping on top of the cat was a tiny sweet little baby kitten!

In the sea there are three men on surfboards and they are holding on to big parachutes that pull them zooming across the water.

Love and kisses from Yia Yia and Da x x

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