Da & Yia-Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday 08/06/21

Dear Febe and Jack, Your mummy and daddy are really wonderful to make you an indoor fun park.

After we discovered that there were no buses to the mountains, we started to climb the steep alleyways of Naxos town. We found an old castle and a tiny outdoor theatre and we bought tickets for a sunset guitar concert tomorrow.

Also we had souvlakis for dinner by sunset for only 13 Euros. Da thought that was a. Really Great Adventure, and then the waiter have us two little glasses of raki. Yia Yia could not drink it, and Da nearly choked!

When we come home at night, the bus takes us to the end of the road. Then we have to walk until there is no more path. Then we have to walk along the beach to our hotel. All this is in the dark, and tonight the moon came up late over the mountains so we had to use our mobile phones to see where the path was.

What a Really Great Holiday Adventure this is! Love D&YY x x

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