Da & Yia-Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday 08/06/26

Dear Jack and Febe.
Our Great Adventure Holiday continues.

Late last night we got off the second train, and we got on a huge boat just before midnight. As we told you, we are going to be sailing all through last night, all through this day, and all through the next night.

When we get off we will be in Venice, Italy. But for now we are just sitting on the deck In the sun watching the waves go by.

We have a CABIN. That is a little bedroom deep inside the boat. It has a hot shower and a porthole.

There is a VERY LOUD horn on the ship. When it sounded, Da nearly jumped overboard.

We are hoping that you will find books with maps and pictures to see where we are.
Love and kisses from Da and Yia Yia x x

One thought on “Da & Yia-Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday 08/06/26

  1. Really funny that you almost jumped over board, was that really a joke da? It is gonna be my last day at playgroup tomorrow and then we are going to have a holiday with our grandma and have lots of fun. Love jack, febe and mum

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