Da & Yia-Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday 08/06/28

Dear Jack and Febe.
Our Great Adventure Holiday is nearly over. Last night there was a thunderstorm. Lightning flashed and thunder roared and our windows were open because it is always hot. The rain came in the windows and Da had to get up in the dark and close them. What an adventure!

In the morning we had our breakfast in the garden. There were trombone players and a clarinet and a trumpet all playing in the garden because it is a music college and the students are practising all day.

Yia Yia then went back to sleep because we were up all night listening to the storm. Da went out to take pictures. Some of them are good but your daddy’s are better.

Today will be a reading and drawing day. What will YOU be doing today? (or tomorrow!)

Love and kisses from Da and Yia Yia in Venice, Italy.

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