Da & Yia-Yia’s Great Adventure Holiday 08/06/29

Dear Jack and Febe,

Last night we went from our Hotel (see the picture?) to an Italian restaurant to eat. Da had a salad in a bowl made of cheese; so he ate the salad and then he ate the bowl. What an Adventure!

But sadly, our Great Adventure Holiday is nearly over. Tonight we will get on a sleeper train and we will SLEEP on the train. There is a special “train bedroom” for us!

When we get on the train (at night) we will still be in Venice, Italy; and when we get off the train (in the morning) we will be in Paris, France.

One day we will show you all our pictures and tell you all our stories. And you can tell us all the stories of your own Great Adventure Holiday. Perhaps you should write and draw in a Great Adventure Holiday book every night while you are away?

We’ll see you one day when both our Great Adventure Holidays are over.

Bye bye ciaou for now.

Biggest Love; Da and Yia Yia x x

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