Vocal Staying Power

Because we play for two hours on five consecutive nights, the Christian Festival in Shepton Mallet is a double challenge for me. Firstly there is quite a lot of work to prepare five set lists that each have a good pace, and yet do not include the same “best” songs every night. The toughest part though is being able to sing that long, without losing your voice! Singing is a highly physical business, and everyone has limits. So, having not really got there yet, but still learning, here are my top tips so far:
– don’t sing without foldback (I say this because, well,.. I was that foolish!);
– spend ages getting the foldback right, and the stage levels as low as possible;
– spend a long time warming up before every gig;
– avoid anaesthetic stuff. Strepsils (?) hide pain, and allow you to overstretch;
– be completely quiet (rest) before and after;
– start the set with low pitched songs;
– let the Backing Vocalists do some of the work!

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