Our Dad Word Cloud
Our Dad Word Cloud

As the untrained singer with the Jazz Funk Legends called “Our Dad”, the closest I come to “technique” is to “Think of Tom Jones”! I love to scream and shout – inducing audience frenzy and a personal state of Voice-Wreck. Near the end of the set, my range is often reduced to half an octave, and after three nights running I can hardly talk, let alone sing. Maybe that’s why those generous people at Musicademy asked me to road-test VocalEze and ClearVoice; two very similar voice-saving throat spray products – almost identical in both packaging and ingredients. However, I was a little concerned about this experiment; some medication can be indirectly harmful. I believe Strepsils can get you in trouble because they anaesthetise your voice. This allows you to continue singing without realising the strain that’s happened – until the next day when you try to speak.

Last night my band was privileged to play at the wedding of Quin Delport (WW Message Tribe in the old days, and fronts new power-pop band, “Shackleton”) – a lovely man with a great voice. There would be lots of musicians and singers in the crowd, so I kind of expected I’d be trying too hard and wreck my voice again. Therefore a great opportunity to take with me a voice-saving vocal spray!

In our first set “The Vibe Was Insane” (a quote from the audience there!) I gave it everything and wrecked my voice in 30m flat! Here’s the news: a couple of squirts of VocalEze were highly effective. After a 30m break I was wailing again, hitting the highs and the lows all through set two. I was genuinely impressed because I’ve caused my own voice-wreck many many times before, and I know this time went differently.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t care what style of singer you are: prevention Is better than a cure, and so the Right Thing To Do is a proper warm-up routine. Not only will you avoid a voice-wreck in the first place, but even more importantly: you will sing better! However, for the inexcusable throat abusers like myself, these vocal sprays are a good insurance. These samples will definitely be on the Our Dad stage for my 5-night endurance test at Soul Survivor Momentum this year. Thank you Musicademy!

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