Babysitting is something we’re happy to do. We can read while the parents are having a night out. By The Way; a lot of people were shocked by the presence of TWO (not one, but two!) copies of the Tony Blair autobio-book on our shelves. It’s a long story but safe to say that neither […]

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Momentum 2011

It looks like we’ve been INVITED to play Cafe Uno at Momentum again! The dates are fixed at 19th to 23rd August 2011. We (Our Dad) even appear in the promotional movie (See Below) on the Soul Survivor Momentum website. (Mum! come and see this!). See y’all there at Cafe Uno! Once again we’ll endeavour […]

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Fight The Power!

Our Dad played a charity ball at St.Andrew’s Chorleywood last week, and what a delightful bunch of people gathered to raise money for a worthy cause.  Even more reason for me to apologise for getting carried away. I did get carried away in the bit where audience joins in some call-and-response chanting in the style […]

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My First Solo Gig

I just did my first solo gig at “All Hallows in the Wall”. It was sweeter to start my solo career in music at the HQ of Greenbelt, opposite the HQ of Deutsche Bank and HSBC, who would be typical clients in my old job. Of course I have done solo gigs before, many over […]

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Hello, (WordPress) world!

I’ve moved from Gooogle Blogger to This is my first post in this much smarter place. Right now I am working on a set of instructions for charities who often have few skills and a need for free services but need to communicate with supporters effectively. WordPress may well be a useful tool for […]

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