Steve & Mary Weeks’ Christmas Message 2010

Hammersmith Bridge
Hammersmith Bridge

We wish you a wonderful Christmas. Here’s hoping for fun at home, and a well earned rest, to set you up for a productive, flourishing, and rewarding New Year in 2011 🙂

For us 2010 has been a year of change; no, really, it’s true!  Christmas letters do always say that, but really this was a “Year Of Change”.  After ten years,Mary and Steve moved from Ealing where we lived with Joanna, Matthew & Jo and baby Della Mae. Steve retired when IBM “downsized” and so we also “downsized” to Barnes where Steve and Mary are busy every day and Steve is wondering how he ever found time to work. We can now walk to church down the tow path (optionally) but always over the famous, if slightly rickety Hammersmith-Bridge and we’re now nearer central London, and better connected with the St.Paul’s church community.

Daughter Joanna finished an internship at St.Aldates Oxford and now works for SPEAR and lives here when she’s not in Bournemouth with the boyfriend, Mark. We have really enjoyed baby-sitting for our six grandchildren, and doing movies, concerts, walking, swimming, book clubs, modern art galleries, and much more. Does that sound hectic? Well maybe not. The family band “Our Dad” played five nights at Soul Survivor Momentum. This year we filled a new bigger venue, enjoyed a lot of dancing and even some crowd surfing too. Steve digitised his music, built a web site for a charity, did a little guitar teaching and (for his highlight) completed a suite of downloadable guitar music, and producer Richard Manwaring generously recorded it. In November Steve performed his first paid live solo gig. We got in a bit of invigilation at Twyford CofE School and a bit of charity support for both Voices From The Nations and There Is Hope Malawi. A lot of our time goes into The Marriage Course and soon the Marriage Preparation Course at SPH.

We hope your 2010 has been a good one, ending with a very happy Christmas, and a great year ahead. What we’d love in 2011 is to keep in touch with all our good friends, so do head for Barnes, take a riverside walk with us, and stop for tea and a chat with the Weeks. Any time!

One thought on “Steve & Mary Weeks’ Christmas Message 2010

  1. Cool – lovely to hear your news mate, I know retirement can be very busy! My Dad is 72 and still a very busy man, so enjoy it whilst you still have good health … we are starting the marriage preparation course down here in Truro!
    love to all
    Miss you and the jamming sessions!

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