Great Expectations

Tonight’s gig is a story of missing pieces. Matt the bass man is missing, so keyboard magician Roger will play bass with his left hand. Drummer Will is on duty as best man, so might play just a couple of songs on bass, while brother Dan steps in on drums. There is no bass amp, the guitar amp has failed, and a computerised standby needs setting up. The brass section is missing, and while the stand-ins have played with us before separately, they have never met.  We’ll choose well-known songs, with simple arrangements, and we’ll get through it, but I am in two minds whether all this represents a problem or an opportunity. If all I’m hoping for is an exact copy of the last gig, produced with no effort or risk, then I will probably be disappointed. But if I’m hoping to produce something new, something exhilarating out of the interaction of a new combination, then tonight is exactly what I’m looking for. There will be fear and risk of failure; there will be experiments with varying success, but there will be the excitement of fresh new music happening as it happens. So, what’s the expectation? Bring it on! Let’s make it happen.

One thought on “Great Expectations

  1. What actually happened? Well, it all went surprisingly well! It did not really sound very different from the usual line-up, and that surprised me. Dan’s drumming was great, with lots of energy as you’d expect. Roger played the most amazing bass lines on a Nord Electro keyboard, and our alternative brass section was delightful in different ways. Will did a guest spot and amazed me playing his real Fender Jazz bass. What a night! The customers were delighted, and the bride and groom left to a very sweet rendition of Rivers of Babylon. Why do I worry?

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