The Turing (Chess) Test

I am playing chess with people I have never met – using the web site, “”. This reminds me of the Turing Test. Alan Turing proposed that by conversing with a remote correspondent through a keyboard, one would fail or succeed to determine if that correspondent was a computer or a human. Failing to detect a computer would indicate the successful impersonation (or creation) of intelligence. In the case of remote chess, the ability of your correspondent to play as well as a computer often indicates that they are using a computer to decide on their moves! That’s an accepted issue that does not affect me.

What I find more interesting is that I invariably form an opinion of the other person through a few on-line comments, but also substantially based on their style of playing chess.  Can you detect someone’s character through their chess playing? I have found that I actually do, strongly disliking or liking a player depending on their approach to the game. This feels weird! We have never met, yet I feel I know them in a way. Is this my imagination only? What is going on?

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