Analogue And Digital

Analogue or digital? That is the question! But no! I have decide to duck the question, and for the answer is “BOTH!” Check it out brothers! My new rig is a hybrid. The refurbished repaired system (done for free by the lovely people at Line6 in Derby) not only gives me access to 40 amplifiers and 70 FX units, but also has an FX Loop that sends the signal through my analogue FX board, adding a Digitech FX7 Wah, MXR Analogue Echo, MXR Dynacomp, Tube Screamer, Blues Thing, and some other stuff. So, my only problems now are that I don’t know how to USE all that stuff, and don’t even know what I wanted to sound like in the first place! To be honest I have only ever been interested in the sounds I can make with my fingers, not the noise I can make with electronics.

On the first outing, I could not get the FX Loop to work. Maybe a bad connection in the Analogue board. But here’s how it looks anyway,..

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