The Truth is Out There


Tomorrow we’ll hop on a bus to the airport. We have tickets for transport and beds for the next sixty days. The months of planning are over and. Well, this afternoon we might investigate one final amendment; adding an excursion in Cambodia where our malaria pills would actually be needed. However, before the journey begins, there’s a moment left to pack the “Soul Compass”. To ask oneself,.. Why are we leaving? What are we expecting? What are we seeking?
We’re visiting friends and family rather than beaches and culture, but still I’m looking for new experience. I’ll try to remember to seek places and lives that are new and different, to absorb and learn. It could be unfamiliar cultural music and design, or the stories of rich and poor, from California to Cambodia. During this respite from routine duties there will also be time to talk and read, and to be quiet and meditate and pray. Which might make it like a kind of self administered ‘retreat’ for us. I like the idea that God is bigger than Western Christianity (!) and that all the love and goodness in the whole world comes from Him. More of His truth is out there.

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