Ornithological California

Day 2: Tue 24th May 2011. Our body clocks are 8 hours ahead of California which means we both wake up at 3:30am and Steve gets up at 06:00am. Exotic bird song invites you to the garden where morning light adds a glow to the lemon trees and fuscia sprays. The hidden mockingbird is an inexhaustible little composition machine inventing one original motif after another. Our cottage is named after the hummingbird who also shares his west coast paradise with the Russells. Today I saw a real hummingbird for the first time ever. That was a lovely thing. A kite obliged with a regal glide-past, stunning.
Down at the beach, you feel very small. Cliffs and a long wide beach and the Pacific Ocean. Great place for singing practice! Met ‘Ray’ at the beach, a cool dude with cool shades and a custom shop Gibson J45 reissue, a dog, and a wheelchair. We had a nice chat, and exchanged guitar ideas.
In the afternoon we went to Santa Barbara town, saw the historic mission buildings and went shopping at the Apple store. iPods were out of stock! Got a nice white 64GB wifi iPad so that now we can add the picture-of-the-day to our blog-of-the-day. Our inaugural short video features afternoon sunlight, the iconic sound of an AMTRAK trains and buses, and Mary and Hap walking to the crossing. One of these trains will take us to Oakland next Tuesday. YouTube spent two days ‘processing’ this video-of-the-day, so you may have missed the movie,..

The sun was beautiful and cast a golden evening light on the pier as we watched a seal disturb the fish and pelicans diving for an easy catch. What an amazing place is Santa Barbara, CA.

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