Gibraltar Peak

Day 3: Wed 25th May 2011. Mountain day. Gibraltar Rd. Hap makes delicious meat loaf sandwiches, and Yogi the dog gets in the car with us. It’s a 17 mile drive to the top, which Hap usually does on his bicycle. I’m quite impressed by this, and realize that Hap is a wonderful inspiration by example; accomplished in many ways, with no intention of slowing down for a moment, and with a sharp intellect with which he is always ready to challenge a lazy or negative thought or word.
At the top we are irritated by midges, but enjoy our food, succeed to photograph an elusive butterfly, but fail to photograph ourselves. Before us is the vista of Santa Barbara and the channel islands, behind us is revealed a range of further mountains. Awesome. Sometimes ‘awesome’ is the appropriate word. We return through beautiful countryside, drive past Jane Fonda’s ranch, and walk to the beach to get a little more sun than is wise. A nap before the beach-side fish restaurant. I am truly restored in body and spirit by this active outdoor life, and the unflagging generosity of our hosts.


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