Hit the Road, Jack


Day 4: Thursday 26th May 2011. Douglas Park is a great place to walk your dog, donated for that purpose by Kirk Douglas. Yogi the dog and Hap Russell both love the place, as we now do. That’s us in the picture, on the bluff. Yogi is the one on the left. He’s an intact ridgeback, just out of hospital after being chewed by an even bigger dog. The midday is spent chatting in the garden as the sun climbs. We discard jumpers and acquire sun hats, while the lemon tree green competes with the celestial azure over which of them can most intensely reflect the glory of the day.

Lunch of soup and bread is al fresco on the deck, and then Hap appears with my cycling hat and shorts and takes me for a 24 mile ride. We reach UCSB without me experiencing a cardiac arrest, and I can still walk. Was I ready for that? Not really, but I made it all the way home, up the hill to the house, without pause or dismount. Result.

The mission has a celebration with pavement artists. Fabulous. We’re off for some culture, and maybe some tacos.

2 thoughts on “Hit the Road, Jack

  1. … is the picture of you both post bike ride.. you definitely look thinner. A great pic. lovely times!

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