At The Vineyard

Day 5: Friday 27th May 2011.
Today was a day of sea, sand, flora and fauna, and viniculture, though the images do have an auto/mechanical theme. That’s America!
We drove to the beach and sat by the surf for the whole morning, just drawing and writing. We could easily do this for the whole day. The Pacific Ocean is quite cold in May, and paddling for a moment quickly reveals why nobody is swimming. Steve met Ray again and exchanged ideas on playing guitar in DADGAD tuning. H&J then took us out to visit a Vineyard where we quickly tasted some wines, and left with presents of local dessert wine and ‘port’. We met J’s sister Cherie and Bill which was a pleasure, and spent a long time on the road seeing some amazing scenery, and spotted deer, a buffalo, some long horn cattle, and an incredible machine called a ‘Confederate’. There are only 20 of these in the world, of which 10 are in the USA.


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