Petrolhead Family Williams


day 14: Saturday 4th June 2011. Today I get Uncle Lyn to open up the garage and there is the workshop where the magic happens. If you imagine a Wikipedia of Auto engineering on two legs, that’s Lyn. Here’s some pix of Lyn’s glorious main project, sitting in his workshop, next to a super-tuned old slant-6 Dodge Ram (in progress) it’s a Jaguar XK120, completely clean, 100% rewired, and with original spats, wheels and drum brakes, with hidden pressure booster,.. Lyn once took me for a 100mph night ride in an E-type Jaguar when I was about 12. What a memory.

My cousins are Melanie and Dylan. In 2010 they both did the Baja thing on scary dirt bikes – especially unusual for girls. To imagine it, you have to see, so here’s the movie of Dylan:

To end the day we watch the ice hockey finals, Boston Bruins against Vancouver Kanucks! And if that’s not enough we pop into the local concert hall to hear the Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra doing some Mozart and a premiere triple trombone concerto. Really.
Ice capped mountains border Chilliwack on either side. Loving it.

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