Rufus’ Guitar Shop

Day 16: Tuesday 7th June 2011. Time to explore Vancouver. After a light breakfast I note it’s a good cool day for walking, so cloudy with a chance of meatballs. We head for the classical art gallery, and I’ve marked the Rufus used guitar shop on our map. The art gallery (first stop) wants $45 but a friendly volunteer tells us that tonight is happy hour, it’s free on Tuesday nights. Yay!
We visit cousin Melanie’s heritage house and discover a beautiful creation, like a movie set – well, she is a movie designer, in costumes. We’re starting to grasp Vancouver. It’s not what I expected at all, and hard to explain, but I think it’s got something for everyone. We walked for ages through leafy rows of wooden houses, and checked out a couple of guitar shops for Seagulls and Simon Patricks, some great new local Canadian luthiers, and vintage Martins. You can get a sweet guitar if you’re here with $6,500 and a patient wife. I’m lucky to have such a wife. Shame about the money!
We walk to the north shore beach and watch the light changing over the Burrard Inlet. After-work exercise runners include ladies running with push chairs, which really makes them look like they’ve stolen a baby. We walk for England. We walk for miles. Too tired to contemplate an art gallery at any price. The guide book leads us to a street of closed Chinese restaurants. Moving on, we discover affordable but exquisite steak. Always the mountains looking down at us. How many cities have you been where you saw mountains from the streets?

Here’s a great way to decorate your garden, and save money on the disposal of your old car.


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