Game Four

Day 17: Wednesday 8th June 2011.

Today I’m catching up with reading. I have Einstein’s theory of special relativity on Kindle, because it was a free download. I might take a look at Captain Miracle, just to see if I can work out where this guy’s coming from. Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre has an adaptation of C.S.Lewis’ Great Divorce. That, and more discussion of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, all adds up to a world-wide impression that many aspects of Christian Theology will be adapted to fit in better with the close co-existence of people of other religions, which (along with CofE membership) has only recently started failing. Try “From the Holy Mountain” by William Dalrymple.

Later there’s the game. So, here’s the thing; Canucks beat Boston Bruins in the first two games of the Stanley Cup final. Vancouver is pretty excited about this. It’s years since Vancouver reached this ice hockey final. Last time, they lost. Street riots ensued. So, third game was Monday, and BBs won, about 8-1. Tonight is the fourth – so the tension is mounting. More later, meanwhile, here’s Mary going into Melanie’s beautiful traditional heritage pad,

and a message from the garden of our own “heritage” house, the oldest on Parker Road. We’re sitting there because we walked SO much yesterday, that now our feet hurt.

Song of the day is the lazy song by Bruno Mars, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything”.. Down to the bohemian funky district of Commercial St. For brunch with Melanie, Calum, and Joyce. Great times, and exchanged stories of what we do, and what it all means. Two hours break to re-pack, and we’re off for a night with Lyn & Jenny & Dylan while Mel goes to the awards, to see if she will remain a nominee or get a gong.
While packing I just realised that I left my shoes in San Francisco. Or Chilliwack? Life on the road!

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