The River, My River

The student asks, Can I step in the same river twice? His master replies, Can you step in the same river once? Each of us is denied the river that flowed before we step in; none of us knows the river that flows after we step out. Yet we all live the same river. The river is a metaphor of life, and our experience of life is at the same time common and unique. I’ve been also thinking about Paolo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, where the boy learns to hear three voices that guide him in the search for destiny, or self-knowledge; they are God, his own heart, and the Earth.

After coming down from the mountain, I was elated to see the moon waxed high above the pines and lighting the churning stream at our feet. The river should not be so wild in June, but climate damage added humidity which increased the snow, delayed opening of roads and overfills the river. Now I lie awake at 4am listening to the traffic noise of the ceaseless rushing torrent outside, and contemplate my ‘message’ from this river.

This river here, the river of our pilgrimage, does it speak to me? Yes and it rages. It is engorged with furious energy, righteously enraged by man’s iniquity and helplessly wastes its mortal strength. It rushes to its proper end with improper haste, and enlivens the surrounding wilderness with its life-bearing force. What does this river say to me? It says rage; throw yourself forward with all the power given by the painful burden’s weight and the pressing gravity of mortality. Our end is unchangeable, but our moment in the river is ours alone.

In this video we are at the highest point on the road, up where the melting snows come from. Did I mention the wind?

2 thoughts on “The River, My River

  1. You two are amazing! Thank you for making this journal. It almost feels like we are there with you. Keep on enjoying the time.
    Much affection!
    Warren & Mary

    1. Well, if you feel like you’re sharing our journey, then I’m glad because that is exactly my aim 🙂
      Will write later and try to express how much it means to us to have enjoyed your hospitality and refuel the flame friendship. Steve.

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