Undiscovered Continents

For the first time I’m crossing the Pacific Ocean, and soon I’ll discover Honolulu and New Zealand for myself. Day 24 Wednesday 15th June 2011


Of course you cannot ‘discover’ a charted inhabited place, but on your first arrival you will certainly discover its unwritten distinctive character. Perhaps its own smell, air, or light; the rhythm and heart of its industry; the unique colour swatch of its earth and trees; or the unexpected recalibration of scale imposed by an omnipresent background of hills or snow peaks seen from a city’s streets. Few of us can describe these unanticipated and immeasurable qualities that prompt a unique reaction in each one of us. The first-time thrill of discovering that relationship between you and a new place cannot be fully anticipated and diminished by Dorling Kindersley or National Geographic.

So,.. How can I describe dawn in Honolulu,.. Well, you had to be there!

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