A Beach-bound Saturday

We awake early. 07:00am and we’re near the ocean. 07:30 am and we’re in the ocean. Day 27: Saturday 18th June 2011. Later, a turtle climbs onto the sand to say hello. We see the weathered arched table over his back, his four wings, his wrinkly accordion neck, and his distinguished old face with its dark eyes, marbled green complexion, and authoritative judge’s beak. After a few photos his wings turn him seaward and he makes his goodbye; his pace at first dignified by the laboured drag over the sand, and suddenly and easily he takes flight under the surf. What a meeting, I will not forget it.




Later Steve got too much sun, but still we paddled the beach and saw the egrets, and if the blessing of meeting a diplomatic turtle on his 3 minutes on shore was not enough, we saw the unmistakeable unique silhouette of a hammerhead pup shark swimming at our feet. Amazing.

Late night walk to finish a great day.


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