Crossing the Line

If you “Don’t Like Mondays” then you should be on this flight. Day 30 Tuesday 21st June 2011. We got up early, admittedly on a Monday morning, and our 10 hour flight started at 9:00 am. But we immediately set our watches to Tuesday, and when we disembark it’ll be Tuesday afternoon in Sydney. It’s all to do with crossing the international dateline, which is hard to explain, but really comes down to the question, “Does anybody really know what time it is?” ..I thought I did, but now I’m only certain that this was the shortest Monday I’ve ever had.

I finally finish typing seven epistles to convey our gratitude for the loving hospitality we’ve received from our hosts so far, and especially the sense of strengthening family bonds with relations we’ve not seen for years. Next I’ll transfer these to real paper,.. Remember paper? There’s a few books that should never be read on a Kindle, and a few letters that should not be read in an email.

We are now half-way across the Pacific. It’s a funny thing,.. In Hawai’i, the USA is an Eastern country, and Asia is in the West. So this fly-athon heralds the beginning of “Pacific Tour Part II: The South and West”, and the end of “Pacific Tour Part I: The East,.. And The Bit in the Middle”.

So we’re half-way round the world, half-way through our tour. Where does the time go? The iPad wallpaper now shows the turtle, and I cannot imagine changing it. We’ve felt like staying in every place we’ve been to so far. But ahead of us are friends and family in New Zealand & Australia, and unknown adventure in Cambodia & Thailand. But suddenly, the “adventure” starts earlier than expected..

We should be jumping on a second flight from Sydney to the City of Sails, Auckland, to finally crash in an Auckland airport hotel. However, just as Part I began with a diversion to avoid Icelandic volcanic ash, Part II has begun with a diversion from Sydney to Brisbane to avoid volcanic ash from Chile. After some anxious queuing (with a gorgeous view of the bridge and CBD) we get the QF125 into Auckland only one hour behind plan. Bingo! An extra city, and a free table at the Aroma Cafe sponsored by Quantas.

Awake at 5am Monday, to bed at 1am Wednesday. And no new pictures. So here’s my favorite bike, from Vancouver..


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