The Good Shepherd

A message has been left on the kitchen table. “Look out for the good shepherd”. What does it mean?
Day 32 Thursday 23rd June 2011. New Zealand is supposed to be cold and wet (like England) but with more sheep than people. That sounds cool! And normally I’d say that two out of three is not bad, but in this case we are only getting cold and wet. The sheep population (peak 70m in 1982) is still an unimaginable 40m today, but they must all be in hiding. Instead of vast herds of mighty sheep, we only discover the “corrugated iron roofing sheet” capital of NZ, Tirau. All the signs are painted on (or sculpted from) corrugated iron roofing sheets. Including the Church of the Good Shepherd. And his dog. Why? Dunno, I’m still figuring out how we left Hawai’i 11 hours behind of London, and arrived in Auckland 11 hours ahead.



From the car I have been saying this is the first place where there is nothing to make me want to stay. In fact, once we arrive in our room at Kauri Point, I realise that “nothing” is exactly what would make you stay in this place; it is so quiet here that I can hear my pen moving on the paper. That feels incredible. You can sense the weight of your words as you choose them and write them in such a place as this.

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