400 Miles to Wellington

The dawn at Kauri Point. Mist rolls off volcanic hills obscuring half the tropical woodland crowding the hills beyond our bedroom’s french windows. Led Zeppellin’s Misty Mountain Hop will be playing all day in my head. Critical shopping (for postcards and souvenirs that will travel home, half-way around the world) and then it’s highway one, all the way, all the day, to Wellington.
The 400 mile journey (644.3km) goes quickly, and we are reunited with Jared and Beki. Great times, discussing common interests, as if we did this every Friday night. looking forward to a weekend in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington.

Here’s some scenes from the journey:

And here’s Mary watching the view at breakfast. Nice B&B. Amazing view.


This is what she’s looking at..


Who says there’s no ART in New Zealand. Check out these statues in Hunterville Main Street…


3 thoughts on “400 Miles to Wellington

  1. That view looks exactly like our view from our living room window on a wet day x. Sounds like you are having a great trip xx

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