Mount Victoria

This morning Mary and I discuss psychology, music theory, family histories, and marriage with Jared and Beki Watson. at night we had an in-depth discussion of the bi-partite or tri-partite composition of man. Body, Soul, and/or Spirit.
Day 34 Saturday 25th June 2011.
It’s great. We took a morning drive to check out Lonely Planet’s Coolest Little Capital in the world, Wellington,.. including Mount Victoria:

And after brunch at the fabulous Scorch-o-Rama Café, our guest commentator shows us the South Island, and clarifies a few issues:

Hope that helps. Meanwhile, there is a serious problem. Quantas flights are cancelled all day tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. Will we be able to fly to Australia on Monday? If not, shall we stay here? Fly somewhere else? We just don’t know.

2 thoughts on “Mount Victoria

  1. Hi Beki and Jared! You guys look well! Beki definitely has an accent going on…and Crowded House are NOT from Auz???? Blowing my mind back here…

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