Volcanic Ash

Wellington City Vineyard Church meets in a featureless office block. Four elements are: singing led by a restrained, even, unplugged band, a doughnut break, and some praying after a sermon. It’s about Jesus turning over the tables as a metaphor for violently declutterring, to make space for the new stuff He’s making possible. Well researched. We walk for hours, all around Wellington Centre and harbourside; stretching the legs, picking up postcards, and talking about the implications.

Day 35 Sunday 26th June 2011 and we’ve no idea how the volcanic ash cloud will affect tomorrow’s trip to Australia. But First Direct actually blamed the volcanic dust for my credit card being declined. Up until now they’ve seemed quite smart.



At the Te Papa museum on the Harbour front, we saw a choir of Maori style singers. They were all very old, the band leader actually leaning on a zimmerframe. This makes me think I should be able to continue leading Our Dad for another 30 years! Finally, cannot imagine a better evening at the end of our NZ visit than with Negronis, tapas, swordfish and love at the Osteria Del Toro shared with the lovely Jared & Beki Watson.

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