Sydney by Night

Health & Safety have decided we can go to Sydney, Day 36 Monday 27th June 2011. But first a walk up Mount Victoria. The light is low, casting warm shadows on the mountains half-sheltering the bay waters that are so bright we must squint to prove how low the sailing boats seem to lean under the tugging wind. The “Bach Cafe” is on the beach; was that a spelling error? We still arrive early enough at Wellington International to tire of the funky modern interior and bar.

QF48’s Morrocan lamb and hi-tech movie system is more enjoyable than Sydney airport’s long queues, but Andy & Sandra await with a warm welcome and a high speed drive to their truly astonishing home. It’s too dark to see if there are literally hundreds of palm trees or figuratively hundreds of palm trees. However, the general impression is a garden with hundreds of palm trees.


3 thoughts on “Sydney by Night

  1. Great to follow your travels. Enjoy , enjoy. Glad the ash cloud didn’t ground you. On the Bach Cafe – it is Bach (as in the Bach Cafe) and is the word we use to describe rudimentary holiday house by the beach, lake or in the bush. Comes from the word bachelor, when we had a lot of them in NZ, when we were a young country. A young man living on his own was said to be baching, or anyone left at home while everyone else was away was said to be baching. So there you have it a bach on the beach.

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