It’s Over

I hope you enjoyed sharing our journey around the world. It’s over now. How wonderful to find our kids, Dan & Jo waiting for us at terminal 3. We’re home again, and there are just lists of things to do. And do them we will. But we’ll really get started tomorrow because today,.. We’re tired. […]

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The Big Bag of Tomorrows

Sixty days ago, we packed a “bag of tomorrows” that felt like it would never run out. We reach into the once-heavy bag this morning and pull out the last of them. It’s the tomorrow that starts with a midnight flight to London and ends with writing the final blog in the World Wide Weeks […]

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Good News, Bad News

The good news is that I have the headphones that “Go to 11”. These bad boys send rhythmic ripples across the pool, and shake coconuts from the palm trees. What’s the bad news? Well, I went swimming yesterday with room key and iPod in trunks pocket. The key survived. The iPod went very hot – […]

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Woke early. Hotel hot, alarm clock flashing a red 0:00 alert, air-con failed. Power cut? Went down, heard one of the staff say ‘pirates’. Taken on a longtail boat by two guys, one with no teeth. We estimate 40m West from mainland. We have no shoes, no bearings. Guys patrolling beach in scruffy paramilitary gear […]

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One Journey

One journey. Two people. Three suitcases. Four iThings. Seven chargers. Eight weeks on the road with three buses three trains & three boats. Nine hotels. Fifteen flights. Twenty locations. Forty friends and relations. Seventy hours airborne. Ninety travel documents. Two hundred journal pages. Two thousand photos and two thousand web-hits. Twenty thousand miles. One journey. […]

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Can People Change?

Mary and Steve often discuss the question, “Can people change?”. Day 55 Sunday 17th July 2011. If breaking habits is a key to change, then I think it can only help to be away from your home environment for a couple of months. Putting aside the obvious pre-condition of “desiring change”, little things are not […]

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Our Final Destination

We flew to Krabi airport and an hour by taxi to our hotel by the beach. Feeling slightly sad as it’s the only place we’re not meeting anyone, and the very last of our twenty destinations. From here, the only place we’re headed is home. The blog may end here. What can there be to […]

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Ragamuffin is an amazing charity that brings together artistic skills and psychological knowledge to provide inner healing for abused and suffering people. Day 53 Friday 15th July 2011. We are staying here at Ragamuffin House in Phnom Penh, and today Nara shows us around. Nara is both a facilitator and the financial officer, and played […]

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History Day

It’s history day. We’re reading Cambodian history. There’s been trouble for hundreds of years. Hopefully brighter times ahead. It’s Day 51, Wednesday 13th July 2011. I am moved by the sweet people that we meet here. We check out of the hotel in Sihanoukville and for three hours our taxi avoids dogs, cows, and other […]

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Elephant Day

Wake at 3:00am. Too noisy with air-con; too hot without. Pick up iPad, iPad cannot pick up Internet. Can’t upload pix to blog. Day 52 Thursday 14th July 2011. This morning we visit CCAM before a second tour of Phnom Penh. 8:00am Tuk Tuk to CCAM. Notice an elephant in the street. The leader, Noren […]

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A walk in the garden of tall palms and white eucalyptus, breakfast by the pool, and a morning under beach umbrellas listening to the heavy lapping of waves by the Gulf of Thailand. Day 50, Tuesday 12th July 2011. Across the bay the fishing village; the corrugated iron roofs of the shanty town nestle more […]

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Loose Cow!

We awake in the third of three countries in three days. Good morning Phnom Penh, on Monday 11th July 2011, Day 50. We are shocked by the sights and smells of the city as our Tuk Tuk takes us out of Ragamuffin House to visit Noren, the leader of CCAM in hospital. She’s recovering from […]

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The spinning globe below us, the ancient weaver of time, spun without sleeping and made three hours more than QF1. That lumbering airborne nursery wasted a quarter of the night in weaving only its children’s dreams. Thus, waking at 6am we rise and find the fields below our balcony reclining in the damp warm air, […]

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Torquay, Australia

Marvelous Marilyn made a mellifluous morning meal with kiwis, grapes, pineapple and strawberries; ..and a succulent nutritious packed lunch. Clever Chris calculated copious contingency to conduct our carriage to Melbourne Airport. We arrived early, for lunch at “our” seat at Gate 4.. The one with the power socket, ..for the iThings. From here we watched […]

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A Working Day

Spent a day with the lovely Chris Piper building a web site on Day 46 Thursday 7th July 2011. It’s not finished but we learned a few things. it was raining anyway. Tomorrow, Saturday we’ll leave Australia and late at night we’ll sleep in Bangkok, ready to move on to Cambodia on Sunday. Maybe […]

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The Ocean Road

On The Ocean Road we see several “Arcs en Ciel”, some doubles, and some stretching right into the ocean. Day 46 Thursday 7th July 2011. We are entranced by the eternal falling of waves on the Pacific coastline. We stop at a fishing harbour, and caf├ęs in the creeks and bays and talk and talk […]

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Sports Day

A day of walking, swimming and Rugby League. Mary and Steve walk for miles around Torquay, Victoria, and are shocked by the serious coastal erosion. Day 44 Tuesday 5th July 2011. The cliffs have a remarkable orange red colour, as you can see in the pictures, even though they have been Photo-shopped into house style! […]

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We met our relative, uncle George Gould. A wonderful nonagenarian living in Geelong. Also met cousin Dawn (George’s Niece) in Geelong, and then off to the wonderful Pipers, in Geelong. Day 44 Tuesday 5th July 2001. Struggling slightly with reading Einstein’s theory of special relativity. Not sure that I am fully grasping everything.

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Trams and Mountains

The Sydney sports car is a “Ute” which only two seats, but room for 8 surf boards. Perfect. We’ve never been on a tram, so today’s the day. Checking out Melbourne with Susie G, full of energy, & joy. Day 43 Monday 4th July 2011. The mountain road is closed; we navigate up to Sassafras, […]

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Met Ben & Jake Hutton at Northside Baptist, Crow’s Nest, Sydney. Hugs and news exchanged over light brunch on Day 42 Sunday 3rd July 2011. Then re-pack & rest at gracious Tim Giovanelli’s. Our train takes us over the glorious Sydney Harbour Bridge again, but for the last time; we’re heading for Melbourne via Sydney […]

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