Botanic Gardens

Eggs, muffins and love for family breakfast with the family Morris. In the cold but blindingly bright beachside sunlight we amble forth to the beach and watch with surprise as two girls change to swimwear in Winter. Seconds later we all discover how cold the inviting Pacific waters are in reality. The girl’s scream is heart-felt and high enough to challenge Ian Gillan on a good night. Day 41 Saturday 2nd July 2011.

We return to Sydney with the train. Kris Morris equips us with the Sydney Morning Herald, and inspires Steve to get creative, get busy, & get a band. By train again to meet Hadley’s family at Circular Bay for a picnic, and we stroll around the startling “Middle Earth” ancient trees in the Botanic Gardens. We had never met Liesel or the four boys until today. At the same time we regret the loss of growing up apart, but we celebrate the varied range of experience that the entire family shares across the globe. Still, there’s Facebook – to bring us together. Shout of the Day goes to Hugh, “I’m a Helicopter Shark!” ..we have no idea!

At night we pop over to Manley on the boat, and inspect the beach and a cafe. Later, with Tim Giovanelli, we go out for a cheeky Thai in the Northside district.




One thought on “Botanic Gardens

  1. Thanks for a beautiful day, you two truely beautiful people.
    Hadley, Liesel, Ethan, Lloyd, Hugh (the helicopter shark) and Toby

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