The Ocean Road


On The Ocean Road we see several “Arcs en Ciel”, some doubles, and some stretching right into the ocean. Day 46 Thursday 7th July 2011. We are entranced by the eternal falling of waves on the Pacific coastline. We stop at a fishing harbour, and cafés in the creeks and bays and talk and talk for happy hours. Surprise sighting of a sweet little penguin!



Here’s the thing. This is not my real blog. My other journal is a spiral bound drawing book where I do do a tiny bit of drawing, but every day I glue in scraps and tickets and write stuff that doesn’t fit on the Internet, ..such as how I need to stop interrupting my wife, or how I need to listen more carefully, and speak more briefly. Personal stuff. And I’m loving my scrap book,.. I seem to have lived life so far without the simple pleasure of the glue stick. Now I LOVE to add colour and texture to my journal by pulling out the stick and smearing the stuff around like a contented seven year old. I do enjoy tearing pieces off of flight magazines, tourist guides, restaurant brochures, and street maps.

How I wish I had kept such scrap books when I once travelled and worked in 75 cities throughout the world. I’d love to refresh my memories of those places, people, and experiences.

I encourage everyone to immediately buy an A5 scrap book, and keep it together with pencils, pens, and PrittStick, and a collection of printed detritus from life.. Labels and receipts, photos and menus, printed key words – torn out of magazines and newspapers. Have fun glueing, add a few lines, and squirrel it away for a rainy day in 50 years time so your great grand children might discover what life was like for you. Remember to describe how things are, in the same way that you might want to read about life in say, 1930.

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