Torquay, Australia


Marvelous Marilyn made a mellifluous morning meal with kiwis, grapes, pineapple and strawberries; ..and a succulent nutritious packed lunch. Clever Chris calculated copious contingency to conduct our carriage to Melbourne Airport. We arrived early, for lunch at “our” seat at Gate 4.. The one with the power socket, ..for the iThings. From here we watched the pilot arrive and tidy the cockpit.



Day 48 Saturday 9th July 2011. It’s sunny but 12C here. After a 1-hour flight to Sydney and then another 9-hour flight we’ll sleep at 32C in Bangkok, Thailand tonight. Monsoon season is scheduled for this very month, and I’m eager to discover what “monsoon season” really feels like. The continents of America and Australasia are behind us. Tomorrow we’ll wake up in Asia for the third and final leg of our journey. We took 40 days & 40 nights to reach The Vision of Terrigal, and rested 7 days in Victoria; now 12 days remain for possibly the most exotic experiences of this tour of biblical proportions around unbiblical geography. The streets of Bangkok offer fried insects in bags, maybe a new gig suit, and every kind of forgery. Cambodia, renamed from Kampuchea of Vietnam, presents a thin veneer of novelty over a dreadful history. Asia has millennia of dynasties and civilizations built and lost without Judeo-Christian influence. I’ll be looking, and meditating on how “my” God views this place, and its relationship with our Western home.

From time to time a radio intrusion seeds a fragment of groove, timbre, and melody; a distorted echo forms and plays within. Unbidden, fresh, it whirls around and around while I listen, wondering with what words and from what heart should this song rise. I’ll capture the thought, I’ll jail it with bars on a paper stave, and lock closed the cover of my journal. If a song comes about, another butterfly is pinned, a fading memory of that once vigorous and delicate idea from this past. In other words, I have not given up on writing songs.

Nine hours is enough for two meals, two movies, a nap, and a chat on our 747-400. McConaughey’s “Lincoln Lawyer” has a better soundtrack than Cooper’s “Limitless”. On reflection it could be the best soundtrack since Clooney’s “Out Of Sight”.

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