Loose Cow!


We awake in the third of three countries in three days. Good morning Phnom Penh, on Monday 11th July 2011, Day 50. We are shocked by the sights and smells of the city as our Tuk Tuk takes us out of Ragamuffin House to visit Noren, the leader of CCAM in hospital. She’s recovering from a stroke, and discovering tumors, so really not well. We arrange to visit CCAM on Thursday and set off to examine Phnom Penh. It’s overpowering, particularly the heat, impassible sidewalks, and the smell of the heaped dried fish in Central Market. We end up in Sihanoukville after a three hour drive to the coast. A beach-side dinner make up for the high risk journey.

The boy and his white cow burst out onto the road from the right. We braked hard while wondering what he was doing? Whether he was racing the cow or protecting it, he looked like getting a second place, either way. Our driver suddenly accelerated, and headed off the panicked beast, which then turned back to confound the drivers left behind as we sped away. The driver did well, but he’d already got two hour’s practice avoiding the bikes, animals, and pedestrians who all seem intent to die on the road.







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