Elephant Day

Wake at 3:00am. Too noisy with air-con; too hot without. Pick up iPad, iPad cannot pick up Internet. Can’t upload pix to blog. Day 52 Thursday 14th July 2011. This morning we visit CCAM before a second tour of Phnom Penh.

8:00am Tuk Tuk to CCAM. Notice an elephant in the street. The leader, Noren is much better, two more days after her stroke. Sopon has a wife Dinah & 3 year old son Isaac, or “Jestah” (Mighty), who meets me, points and says “Dhamreh”. This means “Elephant”; but at least, Jestah really likes elephants. I play and sing for the children and surprise them with the rhythm and happiness of We Are Marching. We are as moved as you would be by these charming orphans with their dreadful stories. The plan was to see them perform classical Khmer music and dance but we are happy to meet the teachers and children simply in their classes and break time.
Tuk Tuk again to the river and walk until rain sends us inside. An ANZ ATM retains my debit card. Rubbish! A real Cambodian elephant walks past. It’s Elephant Day. Shopping at the Russian Market. Guess what we bought for each grandchild?

Meeting the Children at CCAM:



Another Unfamiliar Dish:


Elephant in Rainy Street:




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