Can People Change?

Mary and Steve often discuss the question, “Can people change?”. Day 55 Sunday 17th July 2011. If breaking habits is a key to change, then I think it can only help to be away from your home environment for a couple of months. Putting aside the obvious pre-condition of “desiring change”, little things are not too hard; after two months of having coffee only when it’s available, the 6-a-day habit is finished. Deeper habits are tougher to break but eight weeks together alone with Mary has been an intensive training opportunity for my “communication skills”, an overused expression which for me means, “Giving the gift of certainty of being heard”.

I did form a writing habit, and 1,000 blog hits in June proved at least that I was outnumbered by my readers. I aspire to tell stories that inform and entertain, and maybe provoke, and even inspire. I hope to keep the habit of daily writing, and perhaps get some formal training in creative writing.

What else has changed? We have seen more of that kind of poverty which accumulates into a burden you carry forever. It will not let go of you; it chastens your dissatisfaction and greed for more, and asks you in the night what action you might take in daylight.

Priorities have also become an issue. I realise that returning home will restore all my choices again, and so I resolve to protect time for my chosen goals, against the press of urgent distractions. This doesn’t change the old problem – it’s less difficult to get what you want than it is to know what you want in the first place. Once again, when you’re away from home, you know what it is you miss most, and right there, you have it in the spotlight, the One Thing.

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A Tranquil Place


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2 thoughts on “Can People Change?

  1. Hi, Krabi rest stop and then home. What a wonderful journey. Mary, the readers need to know how your dresses all look like they just came from the dry cleaners and not a small suitcase. Also, your wardrobe is right up their with D. of C. Love from a faithful Wahwah Weeks reader xxj

    1. Hi Jerilynn,
      I finally managed to get my hands on the iPad to reply to some messages!

      It’s certainly been an amazing journey! Cambodia was the most moving and hard in many aspects which we can chat over a long coffee/dinner, whatever, when we see each other again……..hope that will be soon!

      The dress compliment is very sweet of you!!! The dresses come out of the suitcase as soon as we arrive anywhere and I try the relaxed look!!!

      How are you? Please send me some news about your arm, Hap, how you are in your self, Yogi and Santa Barbara???!

      Much love and a big hug

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