One Journey

One journey. Two people. Three suitcases. Four iThings. Seven chargers. Eight weeks on the road with three buses three trains & three boats. Nine hotels. Fifteen flights. Twenty locations. Forty friends and relations. Seventy hours airborne. Ninety travel documents. Two hundred journal pages. Two thousand photos and two thousand web-hits. Twenty thousand miles. One journey.

We saw penguin, seals, whales, hammerhead shark, kangaroos, big crabs, elephants, lizards, red ants, loose cows, long horn black bulls, elk, chipmunk, long horn shaggy cattle, buffalo, pink, and green parakeets, brown, and white pelicans, flying fish, 2″ geckos and 6″ lizards, VTOL sparrows, buzzards, sea eagles, sheep, white and pink cockatoos, chipmunks, and my favourite, the huge magical ancient green turtles.

Day 56 Monday 18th July 2011.





2 thoughts on “One Journey

  1. I’m exhausted! Does this roundup mean that you’re back in Barnes? Remember to continue your exploring by checking the signets on Leg of Mutton and the damselflies in Barnes Common. Lots of love, H J and Yogi

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