Woke early. Hotel hot, alarm clock flashing a red 0:00 alert, air-con failed. Power cut? Went down, heard one of the staff say ‘pirates’. Taken on a longtail boat by two guys, one with no teeth. We estimate 40m West from mainland. We have no shoes, no bearings. Guys patrolling beach in scruffy paramilitary gear taking pictures of each other with phones. Unsure when we’ll get off this island? if it’s inhabited? where they’ll take us next? Gave us food, some of it so strange we gave it back. Thinking fondly of home today.

Those were ALL true facts from Monday; but rearranged into a more entertaining sequence because we’re having a 100% uneventful day by the pool. Day 57 Tuesday 19th July 2011.

Listening to BBM. RIP Gary Moore.



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