Good News, Bad News

The good news is that I have the headphones that “Go to 11”. These bad boys send rhythmic ripples across the pool, and shake coconuts from the palm trees. What’s the bad news? Well, I went swimming yesterday with room key and iPod in trunks pocket. The key survived. The iPod went very hot – a kind of chemical reaction? And then it went cold. Very cold. And the Marshall headphones are taking a rest. Day 58 Wednesday 20th July 2011.


But there is still music today; a choral symphony in ‘sea natural’. The first movement opens with birdsong at dawn, and states our initial theme, a call to honest hard work. Immediately there is a counterpoint from the percussion section, who are constructing a pergola below our balcony. The audience settle down, the key changes up, the breakfast staff choir enters, and harmonise industry with joy, the second theme.
The second, quiet movement has a background of aeolian whispering from the wind section, progressively reinforced by crickets in pine trees, and constant fountains. Birdsong reintroduces and develops the first theme. The choir calls out at the climax of the 2nd movement, a very demanding part, and the percussion section responds, answering each phrase with a tinkling of china, glass, and ice. Then there’s a turning of pages and I’m reminded that the brass is waiting, ready, but silent.
All this time, the conductor, a round sunny character, moves slowly around the orchestra; he will leave the stage fully opposite the door where he first entered, just after the 1st movement started.
The 3rd movement is electric, jolly and rumbustuous; the initial theme of work is steadily drowned out by the joyful choir, taking in Eastern flavours. celebrating what is done, free of concern for tomorrow.
My personal highlight is the solo cadenza, the voice of my wife, always, ever, my favourite music.

The third movement about to begin

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