House Husband: Day 1

The husband is “home alone” for eleven days. Mary has gone to Greece for her aunt’s funeral. Let’s keep a journal of how a man fares without the assistance or insistence of his lifetime helper. Will anything get done? How dirty will the house become? What will we eat? Day one we spend a morning […]

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Momentum 2011.5 Last Night

Having booked a wedding gig during the likely dates for Momentum 2012, we’ll probably end our run of five years and 25 gigs right here. The voice is now wrecked. Jo and I get through the night though. The reaction to the new songs is huge, and we still have enough creativity to take a […]

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Momentum 2011.4 Love Night

By this time my voice and I are becoming tired. In the warm up I notice my voice has a range of about 4 notes – in the lower register. After three days of establishing a level of reputation and expectation with our audience, the next thing we do is write the set list for […]

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Momentum 2011.3 Huge Night

Wow! What a show! The 1,600 people seemed to fill the place even more, and the vibe was electric. New arrangements went down well, including our new 4-way quadrophenic mix of Disco Inferno / Higher Ground / Suke Suke / Boogie Wonderland. Video feature is Blue Bossa,..

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Momentum 2011.2 “Lift Off”

Boom! 2,000 people in the room for 2nd night, and half of them jumping to the same dance moves,.. Looks amazing from the stage! We pull out a cracking new tune, Curtis Mayfield’s Move On Up, and everybody happy. The children (Ads, Feebs, & Jumping Jack) are on stage, shakin shakers & grinning at the […]

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Momentum 2011.1 First Night

The Funkster Family is on the road. And, for the first time the whole family is coming to play, all the Weeks musicians on one stage. Last year our venue, Cafe UNO was promoted from the tent for 750 to the hall for 2,000. Where will we be this year? Maybe the food court?! We’ve […]

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Momentum 2011

Off we go to Shepton Mallet tomorrow. The whole family will be together, and we love that. Five nights in a row we’ll be on stage. I’ll tell you how it goes,.. Right here. (If they have wireless!)

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Day Twelve of Twelve

The family arrive home tomorrow. We have to stop and ask, what is essential for everyday living? And so our attention turns to the kitchen. Except Steve W and Steve D are upstairs painting. It’s far from finished, but we are all so excited at how much has been done, and at the prospect of […]

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Day Eleven of Twelve

“Is there a saw in the toolbox?” “No, but there IS a disco ball.” Some conversations would only happen here. After an hour of bonus painting time, we set off. The truck is loaded with time (and space) to spare, with seven strong boys at work. It’s a fantastic milestone, and even though the house […]

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Day Ten of Twelve

We have started early today, and that helped to get most of the painting done, helped by both Matt M and Matt W. Dan is distracted by more leaks, these left by the professionals. Steve fetched the 7.5 ton hire truck for tomorrow’s removals, and crashed it before even exiting the industrial park. There goes […]

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Day Nine of Twelve

Real men don’t use iPads. Today we did a real man’s job. After the scrubbing and scraping, the building and plumbing, our hands were thick with grime and glue, dust and filler. I got the iPad out to make you a movie, but my fingers no longer registered on the touch screen. So today’s pix […]

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Day Eight of Twelve

Ed Carlile visited today which was great. Mark the plumber came which was also great. Ed filled holes in the ceiling; Mark connected the sinks and the toilet ,.. Which was Great! Mary rearranged the back garden, and Steve sanded ceilings and walls. Steve and Mary emptied another Volvo-full of recycling at the dump. That […]

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Day Seven of Twelve

The whole morning was spent driving around looking for a manly sander. B&Q were let down by the supplier, but ScrewFix had one in stock. Apart from that their catalogues and prices are strangely similar. The dishwasher went in, the filling and sanding went on, the Volvo was filled to the roof again with recyclable […]

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Day Six of Twelve

Finished the plasterboard. Last pieces are up. We finished v.late. Now it’s filling and sanding to do. But lots of it! Hopefully tomorrow morning the big mama sander will arrive. The plumber comes tomorrow too. Only four days left to do that, and paint too!

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Day Five of Twelve

Catastrophe. We waste a morning visiting B&Q to get our sander replaced. Back to work we go, but within an hour the second one has burned out. What is wrong? We’ll have to waste another half day to get this upgraded to a more manly sander than the one illustrated. Makita (or DeWalt) is my […]

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Day Four of Twelve

Another day off to do an Our Dad gig – The Summer Party. And what a great evening! Especially sweet to hear Kit Loring in concert for the first time ever. Wonderful. Of course, Dan does not stop. The doors go in, and not without considerable heartache and effort due to the problems with wrong […]

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Day Three of Twelve

I took a day off for an Our Dad gig. And there is another (charity) gig tomorrow. But Daniel never stops work at Rubble Mansions. The complex wiring took ages, partly because ‘someone’ designed a rather complex system with 35 wires in the hall lights, and partly because that person also connected a downstairs downlight […]

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Day Two of Twelve

After all these days of glorious sunshine, it’s raining. Let’s look on the sunny side though, we’ll not be tempted to stroll to the shop, or loll in the garden. And today Daniel the Polish builder is coming, to do some expert work for three days. Our job is to prepare the way. We can […]

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Day One of Twelve

There are twelve days to go. Eveliina and the children will return from Finland on the 15th. We have just 12 days left to get their new home much is there to do? A lot! I’m going to take the iThing on site, and show you how it’s going every day. It’s quite an […]

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New Wine 2011

Took a day off from rebuilding Dan’s house and he drove us to Shepton Mallett for a “one night stand” at New Wine 2011. We played without Matthew (bass) and Raul (flugelhorn). Roger played bass AND piano on his keyboards. Wills and Dan did drums and percussion, Gabriel sax, and Naomi and I handled the […]

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