New Wine 2011


Took a day off from rebuilding Dan’s house and he drove us to Shepton Mallett for a “one night stand” at New Wine 2011. We played without Matthew (bass) and Raul (flugelhorn). Roger played bass AND piano on his keyboards. Wills and Dan did drums and percussion, Gabriel sax, and Naomi and I handled the vocals. Could not walk before the show. Knee wouldn’t let me move. MM prayed for me, and I had no problems after that.

To start with the whole audience was seated at the far end of the tent! We did some jokes to music, which worked better than expected. We played some swing standards, and then the dance classics. Encored with Signed Sealed Delivered. To end with, the dance floor was packed and cheering for more, so all’s well that ends well, as the bard would say.

Finished off a rather long day with an interview for New Wine Radio who (it turned out) had planned to finish their show the same way we finish ours, with, “May my words and my thoughts be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my sheltering rock and my redeemer”. Psalms 19:14

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