Momentum 2011.1 First Night

The Funkster Family is on the road. And, for the first time the whole family is coming to play, all the Weeks musicians on one stage. Last year our venue, Cafe UNO was promoted from the tent for 750 to the hall for 2,000. Where will we be this year? Maybe the food court?!

We’ve packed our tent, and another gazebo (we “lose” one every year!). We’ve packed our bags and instruments, and some paraphernalia including, but not limited to, gas lights, Boggle, umbrellas, ice packs, and Earl Grey teabags. It’s great to have all the families camping together.

New songs? That would be nice. We have a rocking dance version that mixes Sympathy for the Devil with People get Ready. We dropped “Man Smart Woman Smarter” after deciding the lyrics to be negative if not divisive. the gig was musically strong, the hall was not full (which is still hundreds of people!) and we had a full dance floor, including 6 girls all doing the Tina Turner hair thing to Proud Mary!


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